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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bail Bonds

Liberty Bail Bonds understands the importance of providing fast, confidential, and courteous services. We are available 24 hours a day for bond services. Call us to ask any question you may have. Find some valuable information by reviewing the FAQs below.

Please understand we do have the right to arrest you in the case that you do not show up for court.

Please call our office for more information.




How does getting a bond work?

You will need to call and speak to our bondsman and explain the reason for the bail bond. From there we will discuss your options.

10% of the bond must be paid.


Do I get the money back?

You will not get the money back as that is the fee paid to the bondsman.


What happens if I do not show up for court?

If you do not show up for court, then under Indiana law, we have the right to apprehend and arrest you.


Does the bondsman accept collateral?

This does vary, so please call us to go over the options. We do accept certain forms of collateral such as real estate, full cash collateral or passports, if you are from out of the country.